Aldebaren Occultation.... Frame by Frame

Your mission, is to look at these captured frames from our video of the Aldebaren occultation at Carrizo Plain, and make a judgement of how long it took for the moon to move from one edge of Aldebaren to the other. Basically, the time it took the star to just begin to disappear until it was completely gone. Don't assume it's the length of all 5 frames. In fact, you'll see that most of the light loss happens quite fast. Because of diffraction, the beginnings of fadings are more gradual than they "really" were, and also the star is very very dimly visible after it is actually already fully behind the moon. So, take that into account. I don't expect a perfect judgement, just something reasonable.

And THEN, I want you to take that reasonable length of time, in seconds, and plug it into our lab sheet and arrive at a value for the diameter of Aldebaren.

In the images below, the frames are about 1/30 of a second apart (standard 30 frames-per-second video). You can read the absolute time of each frame after the "P9". For example, the time of the first frame is 03:05:38.7014 Universal Time. So you can see the time stamp, gotten from GPS satellites, is given down to 1/10,000 of a second!

I'd also like you to estimate the "time of the occultation", meaning, when was the star's light 1/2 of what it was when not occulted? Put that estimated moment's time at the bottom of your lab sheet.