Astro 25 - Spring 2017 - Schedule

Carrizo Plain National Monument


Feb 25 Saturday

9am - 11:50am: Meet in room 705 for pre-trip meeting. Logistics, maps, carpooling, liability forms, and planetarium session next door.

Mar 3 Friday

5pm: Meet at campsite at Carrizo Plain. If somehow we can't get up the last mile of road (very unlikely), I'll post a sign on the gate at Selby Ranch. Look for it when you get to the gate.

5:30pm: Pasta dinner and salad

7pm: Telescope session; Orion, Milky Way, star formation and evolution lectures at the scopes

Mar 4 Saturday

7:45am - Begin prep for Famous French Crepes Breakfast. slice fruit, enjoy panoramic views

10am - Into the cars and van, head down to Goodwin Visitor's Center.

11am roughly - Head over to Soda Lake for micro-lecture, on to Wallace Creek for more lectures and study of San Andreas Fault and planetary processes. Later in afternoon, on to sites south, depending on road conditions. We'll stick together all day.

4:30pm - Arrive back at camp. Students may want to stop on the way at the regular campground for cleanup and/or bathroom briefly before heading on to our campsite. Prep for dinner: Asian Rice a'la Nolthenius.

6:30pm - Rick will get out video equipment readying for lunar occultations. Telescopes and binoculars available for student viewing. Microlectures during the Hyades occultation, and getting psyched for the big Aldebaren Occultation, which will be easily visible in binoculars as well as the telescopes.

Mar 5 Sunday

7:45am - Begin prep for breakfast (fried veges and scrambled eggs with tortillas and spices)

9am - clean up, pack up tents and gear, prep campsite area to "leave it as you found it"

10am - Head down the mountain to the Plain, north along Soda Lake Rd to the Soda Lake Overlook at north end of Lake, for micro-lecture. Or if we're running behind and decide perhaps to skip and directly go to Topaz Solar Farm at north end of Carrizo Plain valley outside the Monument. Then continue north along Bitterwater Canyon for microlectures on San Andreas Fault. Final stop will include distribution of final exams and instructions. Well-wishing, final photos, and bon voyage!