Pinnacles Oct 5-7, 2007 - Short List of Astrophotography Targets


Helix Nebula - Aquarius - 16' planetary. Transits 10:32pm alt=33 deg.

NGC 253 - in Sculptor - Galaxy, 29' across, m=7.2 (use LXD75, alt=26 at midnight)

M77 + NGC 1055 - spiral galaxies. M77 is the brightest Seyfert 9x8' Sb, N1055 is an edge-on spiral. Very nice! Anytime after 11pm; transits 2:40am @ alt=53

NGC 891 - Andromeda, edge on spiral galaxy,

Elephant Trunk Nebula in Cepheus - center on Tr 37 in ECU.

IC 348 - Perseus, 9x7' emission + reflection nebula + bright star (tip of Perseus above Plieades), alt=43 at midnight, transit 3am

NGC 672 (m=10.9) + IC 1727=6x3' SB galaxy interacting pair. Blue, faint, nearby

Jellyfish Nebula halfway between mu & eta Gem. Mars there too! It's closest to the same star Mars is closest to this weekend.