Fall Deep Sky Objects for Astro 27 and Astro 28

Friday Night

M8 - Em Nebula in Sagittarius. Lagoon Nebula
M20 - Em Nebula in Sagittarius. Trifid Nebula
M17- Em Nebula in Sagittarius

M11 - open cluster in Scutum
M25 - open cluster in Sagittarius

NGC 6940 - open cluster in Vulpecula V=6.3

Alpha Herc
Gamma Andromeda - 10" binary (Andromeda's foot)
Epsilon Lyrae

gamma Arietis (3rd star in figure). 4.5+4.5 8" sep

NGC 6818 - PN in Sagittarius V=9.9 "Little Gem"
NGC 6572 - PN in Ophiuchus, very blue "The Blue Raquetball"
M27 - PN in Vul "Dumbell"
M57 - PN in Lyra "Ring Nebula"

- PN in Perseus - "Little Dumbell"
NGC 7027 - PN (V=8.5) in Cygnus. One of smallest PN's known, young.

Veil Nebula - SNe remnant

Saturday Night

M15 - Globular in Pegasus. Core Collapse BH
NGC 7331 - Sb Galaxy in Pegasus

M31 - Sb Galaxy in Andromeda
M33 - Sc Galaxy in Triangulum

M77 - Seyfert (V=8.9) in Cetus, also called NGC 1068