Astro 27/ Geology 27 Pinnacles - Spring '07 Post-Trip Pix

We had clear skies, more or less, on Friday and made the most of it with a heavy observing schedule. Saturday it rained all day, finally quitting in the last afternoon but staying cloudy for the night. We convened around the campfire and had a rousing discussion of black holes, cosmology, the origin of the Universe, ET and why he hasn't contacted us yet... and lots of other exciting topics. Stay tuned as I add some nice photos and more commentary...

Invited dignitary Christopher Kitting, PhD, of CSU East Bay demonstrated astrophotography techniques and showed deep sky wonders with his Takahashi 120 APO refractor. Here, he's getting some close-up's of condors circling over the ridge.

A fine salsa requires careful tomato chopping.

Saturday's cosmology lecture around the fire, with 'smore's to compliment the proceedings.


Look out! She's got a knife! Jen prepares to go to work on some veggies.

Colorful campers enjoying the sight of a hat being roasted

Dave delves into schist, while Jen (in her Clint Eastwood serape and Clint Eastwood look) absorbs the information flow.

Crystal clear post-storm skies on the peak. Is Dave teaching us piano technique?

Dave explains roof pendants on Fremont Peak on Sunday