Geology and Astronomy at the Pinnacles: Geo 27 & Astro 27




On-Campus Sessions:

     Most students are focused on the enjoyment of the weekend in the field. However, there are on-campus sessions for Geology and for Astronomy. These are critically important sessions! Here we distribute maps, decide on who will bring what food for the group dinner Saturday, arrange any carpooling, and then give lectures on geology and astronomy. These are not optional! Plan to attend if you want full credit for the classes.


Conflicts with Other Courses:

     If either the weekend sessions or the on-campus sessions conflict with another class of yours, even by only 10 minutes, then you need to fill out a yellow overlap form which we can give you here today. You need to get this signed and submitted to the administration before the computer will allow you to register. Dave and/or Rick can sign here today, and the other class’s instructor must sign also. Remind him/her that this is for only a single session so we normally expect that the accommodation will be made by you missing some time in your other class.


In the Field:

     Generally, you’ll be getting up at 7:30am, doing geology field hikes and lectures until about 3pm. If the pool's open, and not too filled with noise, we may have a lecture there on the origin of the elements. Dinner, and then astronomy lecture followed by telescope observing sessions will then go until about midnight on Friday and Saturday. Sunday there will be another shorter geology hike, followed by pack-up and a drive to Fremont Peak for more geology. I'll use a "hit list" (fall, spring) of classic deep sky objects illustrating the evolution of stars, nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies.


For more on Astronomy 27, see the department’s webpage for Astro 27 at


Welcome aboard!


Dave Schwartz: email daschwar

Rick Nolthenius: email rinolthe

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