Graze of 5.6 magnitude ZC 2771, eve of Sept 26, 2009

Quaking Aspen Area

This graze is magnitude 5.6 - bright enough to be easily followed even in very small telescopes. Weather this time of year is normally excellent. The graze path is quite close to the Quaking Aspen campground where we've had Astro 28 in the past. The good areas on the profile are 0.6s and 2.0s. Site elevation is 2168m. The moon is 28 degrees up, the graze is 15 degrees from the southern cusp of a 59% waxing gibbous moon. The graze happens at 8:35pm PDT on Saturday evening. The predictions are here.


The lunar profile as seen from near Quaking Aspen, with +-0.3 libration observational data inserted.

We'll likely choose among the 4 observing sites shown below for our stations. The first at 0.6miles south, is the most favorable place on the profile, but the rest are also good.

Site 0.56 mi south of the southern limit

Site 0.94 mi south of the southern limit

Site 1.04 mi south of the southern limit

Site 2.07mi south of the southern limit