Maps to Ponderosa Campground - Big Sur

Here's another good link to our campground online. The fastest way to the campground is to drive down Hwy 101 through Salinas, down to just 1 mile before King City. Just before the highway swings left and over the Salinas River into King City, you’ll see a turnoff for Jolon Road on the right. Go right (south) on Jolon Rd for about 18 miles to the road crossing of Jolon. Here you’ll see a sign for Fort Hunter-Liggett to the right. Go right (Mission Rd), entering Fort Hunter-Liggett. Important - to enter Fort Hunter Liggett you'll need your driver's license and your vehicle registration! After you get through the gate, go about 3 miles. If you go too far, you’ll see the headquarters of the fort. Instead, turn left onto Naciemento-Ferguson Rd. Soon you’ll cross over a bridge over the San Antonio River. Continue on for another ~11-14 miles, rising through the foothills and eventually into the canyon of the Naciemento River (more like a creek). Keep an eye out on your left for the sign for Ponderosa Campground. Turn left into the campground road, crossing over the creek and you’ll see a big parking lot on your left. Continue on, through a narrow slot canyon and opening into a dell and the main campground loop. The loop rises steeply to a few campsites with good views to the south and west. This is where we’ll camp. If you get there before me, make sure you secure the flat, open campsite at the top of the loop. That’s where I’ll camp and I’ll put the telescope. Look for my purple ’97 Toyota RAV4. The campground has running water, outhouses. No showers. Here's a link for campgrounds in the Big Sur area.

It's faster to go down Hwy 101. More scenic to return Hwy 1 along the coast. (ignore the red X circle on this map)

Ponderosa campground is at the red X circle in the middle of this map.

The campground loop is at the bottom. If you arrive before I do, the sites we want are along the top of the loop, where we have a good view of the sky. This Google Earth image is only a couple of miles side-to-side.

Ferguson-Nacimiento Rd winds down the steep slopes to Kirk Creek Campground in the middle of this map...

...We'll have a lecture on the beach here at the red X circle on Saturday.