What to Bring for Astro 28M

• Tent
• good warm sleeping bag and blankets to add to warmth
• Ensolite or Thermarest pad to keep you off the cold ground
• Pillow, ear plugs
• Friday dinner, Saturday, Sunday lunches and snacks
• Pot luck dessert (always nice around the scopes)
• WARM clothes! Like, every jacket and inner or outer layer and pants you own!
• Wool cap, gloves
• Plenty of water - can't count on working water spigots this time of year at our camp
Firewood and old newspapers. Lots of firewood! Every stick you can lay hands on!
• Toiletries (toothbrush, soap, towel, TP
• Utensils – fork, cup, plate (I don’t supply these. Save a tree – bring metal ones)
• Red flashlight or better yet – a red headlamp. Best bet is to go to Outdoor World (41st Ave or River St downtown) and buy a LED headlamp. Both red and white lights and only $16!
• Beach chair
• Binoculars, if you have some.
• Collecting bag for cool rocks, gold ore, various flotsam and jetsam and souveniers
• bathing gear for our Remington Hot Springs adventure
* A tape recorder if you have one, as backup for our graze