Astro 27 & Geology 27 Field Trip Course Registration

You'll notice that you can't directly register for these courses, and may get a message you need "instructor approval". Please don't call or email me or David and ask for our approval. Here's the way these courses work... Astro 27 / Geo 27 and Astro 28 require camping fees in order to register. These are similar to lab fees paid for most science lab classes. I must pay for the campsites at Pinnacles National Park campground, usually with a long lead time. Fees for Astro 27/Geo 27 Pinnacles class is $15 per student.

The Registration Procedure: Spring '16 - Signup's on Orientation day Tue Jan 26 5:30-6:30pm in Room 705

You cannot register for Astro 27/Geo 27 or Astro 28 classes ahead of time on-line as you can with most Cabrillo Classes. David and I do not want to be bill-collectors. Hey, we're top-drawer scientists! So, you will need to pay your camping fee before you will be given permission to add the class.

Here's How You Get Into these Co-Requisite Classes: To get first in line, show up in room 705 - the Geology/Oceanography/Astronomy lab room at the date/time above. Bring your camping fee. You can pay by cash or check made out to "Cabrillo College" at the Cabrillo College bank in the 100 building using the voucher form we will give you at the meeting. Have them staple your receipt to the stamped voucher form, so if you need a refund later, we'll have that paperwork. Since the classes are popular, often you'll see students forming a line outside this room before the start, so you might want to consider arriving early. You'll get some material which must be filled out before you can come up to get your voucher and start on the process...
* Fill out your name, address, email, and student ID number on a voucher form we keep (we need your contact info, and we need your address in order to fill out a purchase order to have Cabrillo send you a refund check if you pay but then drop the class).

* Fill out and sign the liability waiver form, which we keep.
* If you have another class whose official time slot overlaps any of the official class times shown on the schedule of classes, you will need to fill out a "yellow conflict form" which we'll have and sign. It must also be signed by your other overlapping instructor and presented in person in the 100 building registration line. Otherwise, the Cabrillo computer will forbid registration. This is true even if the actual meeting times do not actually overlap (i.e. you get out early or start late for our class!). It's a big hassle if you don't get this form right away. If you have an overlap conflict, you will need to register in the 100 building in person, not online. Note that we only take students until the classes fill, and if you can't find us till someone else scoops your spot, you're out of luck, so consider your schedule carefully!

If it's after the date/time above and there's still spaces available: For Astro27/Geo27, email David Schwartz (daschwar on the server) to get a payment voucher.

Either Way, you then... take the voucher to the college book store to pay your camping fee and they'll give you a receipt stapled to the voucher. Bring this to David's office. We'll let the NAS office know and they'll get you cleared on "the computer". Wait a day, then register online as you did for your other courses. (Note that you do NOT need an "add code". Add codes are only needed for courses which have already begun. The field course starts later in the semester with the pre-trip meetings.

Note that the college deadline for registration is the first day the class meets, not the usual 2-weeks into the semester that full-term classes has. So, you may technically have extra time depending on when the class first meets. Still, we need to have an accurate count early on and we want to be fair and get people added before they make other plans, so do your registration right away.

If it's the day of the Pre-trip meeting during the week before the actual field trip: You may still be able to register if there's still room. Just show up in 705 on the proper date of the Pre-Trip meeting shown in the Schedule of Classes. In this case, you'll need to pay your fee and then get an "add code" right at the start of the class meeting, and rush down to the 100 building to complete registration.

Rick Nolthenius: 479-6506, but you'll probably have better luck by email; rinolthe at I'm rarely in my office except during office hours. I usually work at home or at the observatory. Email me; I'm online a lot, every day.

David Schwartz 479-6495 (dept office); daschwar at for Geology 27 questions