Astro 28P: Field Astronomy at Mt. Lassen/Hat Creek Radio Observatory

Sept 30-Oct 2, 2005

Sign-up Procedure

Post-Trip Highlights and Pictures

Our trip to Mt. Lassen 2 years ago was such a success that, by popular demand, I'm bringing it back for a return engagement. Mt. Lassen has some bizarre landscapes and a unique geological story which is quite different than anywhere further south. We'll camp at Hat Creek Campground, a few miles from a giant underground lava tube, and from the University of California's observatory for radio astronomy; one of the premier radio observatories in the world - Hat Creek Radio Observatory, new home of the SETI Institute's search for extraterrestrial intelligence. A large array of new radio telescopes is being deployed right now. Read about it here. Read all about this trip on the Astro 28H page.

For this year's trip, we meet in the planetarium (room 706a) at 4pm till about 7pm on Sept 22 (thursday) for pre-trip planning, meals, carpooling, maps, and a planetarium slide show on relevant topics; solar system geology, the structure of the Milky Way, and other cool things... Then, a week later, we re-convene at the campground. Be sure to read and follow the instructions on the signup procedure linked above!

Post-Trip Highlights

Our trip is now history! Check out the pictures and highlights of all our adventures.