Astro 28Z: Post Trip Photo Page

Perfect weather and a perfect cast of characters made this another classic trip. I'll post pictures here as time permits me to go through them and polish for publication.

We had some Astro 9 students sign up for this class too, with the hope of getting some deep sky classic astrophotography in a dark sky...

Fred and Ann teamed up to do a series of shots of the Pelican Nebula with the Megrez refractor and ST2000XCM #2.

Fred and Ann also got this shot of the Veil Nebula.

Gamma Cygni Complex. 6x10min stack taken with the 8" f/4 and ST4000XCM. Stacked in Registax 3 as Registax 4 failed repeatedly to keep the levels consistent. Pretty much every Photoshop and Astronomy Tools trick was put to use. Stars were not quite in focus.