Astro 3 - Solar System Astronomy

9:30-11am Section - Fall '17 Schedule

Other Videos for Consideration on Next Offering:
Nova: Chasing Pluto
PBS: To Catch a Comet (comet CG)
Nova: Mars Ultimate Challenge: Curiosity

IGPP Friday Seminars usually noon-1pm in EMSS 210: Map

Mon Aug 28 : Introduction, Ch. 0 - Science and Clear Thinking (on-line)

Wed Aug 30: Ch 0 - Science and Clear Thinking (on-line)

Wed Sept 7: Ch 2 - Earth and Sky

Fri Sept 8 - last day to add the class. Sept 10 last day to drop without a "W"

Mon Sept 11: Ch 2 - Earth and Sky, and then walk to Planetarium Session (room 706). Last day to drop without a "W" on your record

Wed Sept 13: Ch 3 - Early Astronomy & Science

Mon Sept 18: Ch 3 - Early Astronomy & Science, Quiz #1 on Earth & Sky (chap 1,2), and Chap 0

Wed Sept 20 : Ch 4 - Newton and Gravity

Mon Sept 25: Ch 4 - Gravity, Tides

Wed Sep 27: Ch 4 - Gravity, Tides

Mon Oct 2: Ch 5 - Light, Spectra, Atoms, Electromagnetism, Quiz #2 on Early Astronomy & Gravity (chap 3,4)

Wed Oct 4: Ch 5,6 - Spectra, Doppler Effect, Telescopes

ExtraCredit off-campus opportunity Oct 5 Thur eve 7pm - Live Oak Grange on 17th ave. meeting on Trump's national monument grab, movie.

Mon Oct 9: Ch 6 - Telescopes, Detectors

Wed Oct 11: Ch 7,8 - Solar System Overview, Formation of our Solar System Quiz #3 on Light and Telescopes (chap 5,6)

Mon Oct 16: Ch 8 - Inner Planet Geologic History; Mercury, Venus

Wed Oct 18: Ch 8 - Ch 9 - Inner Planet Geologic History; Mars

Mon Oct 23: "The Birth of the Earth" Video and video quiz. (Help yourself to seeing it on your own first on YouTube (updated 10/16/16). (open notes ONLY those taken during watching the video in class)

Wed Oct 26: Ch 9 - Inner Planet Geology, Ch 10 - Inner Planet Atmospheres, Principles

Mon Oct 30 : Earth's current and future climate: Climate in One Lecture, and (Resource site: The Politics and Science of Climate )

Oct 30 Mon eve 6-8pm - College and Career Night, Jamie will oversea the Astronomy desk. All academic programs at Library.

Wed Nov 1: Earth's current and future climate: Climate in One Lecture (continued)

Mon Nov 6: Video "Is There Life on Mars?" (on Nova website: skip ads and start at 02:42) followed by a quiz

Tue Nov 7: 6:15-7:15pm at Cabrillo Observatory: Our Extra Credit Star Party opportunity. Stay the hour and get 1% added to your grade. Click link and see the map of how to get there.

Wed Nov 8: Finish up Ch 10- Inner Planet Atmospheres, and Climate, Ch 11 - Jovian Planets and their moons,

Mon Nov 13: Ch 11 - Jovian Planets and their moons, then Quiz #4 on the Formation of the Solar System, & Inner Planets (chap 7-10)

Wed Nov 15: Ch 12 - Asteroids, Comets, the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud

Mon Nov 20 : Last day you can drop from course. After this, you MUST take a grade.

Mon Nov 20: Video info "Voyage to the Mystery Moon" and video itself (Nova program) followed by video quiz.

Wed Nov 22: Ch 12 - Asteroids, Comets, the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud

Mon Nov 27:, Ch 12 - Asteroids, Comets, the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud, Video from AAS meeting 2013; Kepler Mission and Results (14 min) (we'll have to skip this due to lack of time),

Wed Nov 29: Ch 14 - Ch 13 - Other Solar Systems Around Other Stars,

Sunday Dec 3 at 1pm - Extra Credit movie and Q/A downtown!

Mon Dec 4: Ch 14 - The Sun, Ch 24 - Life in the Galaxy Quiz #5 on Global Warming, the Outer Planets, Comets & Asteroids (Climate Change, chap 11,12)

Wed Dec 6 : Ch 24 - Life in the Galaxy

Wed Dec 13 8:00-10:00am - Quiz 6 on Other Solar Systems, the Sun, Life in the Galaxy (chap 13,14,24), Final Exam

Wed Dec 13 6:30-8:30pm Room 806 - Extra Credit public lecture: "Energy, Climate, and Decarbonization: Can We Challenge the Human Imperative?"

Mon Dec 18 midnite: Deadline I must submit grades to Grade Desk