Astro 3 - Solar System Astronomy

Fall '18 Schedule

Mon Night 6-9pm Room 806

Map to EMSS Building at UCSC where IGPP Friday Seminar's are Conducted

Mon Aug 27: Introduction, Ch. 0 - Science and Clear Thinking (on-line)

Sept 7 - Mon - labor day holiday

Mon Sept 10: Ch 1, 2 - Earth and Sky, Early Astronomy and Science, Planetarium Session (room 706)

Mon Sept 17: Ch 3 - Early Astronomy through Kepler, Ch 4 - Newtons laws, Gravity, Tides

Mon Sept 24: Ch 5 - Ch 4 - Newton, Gravity, Tides, Ch 5 - Atoms, Light, and spectra, Quiz #1 on Earth & Sky (chap 1,2), and Chap 0

Mon Oct 1: Ch 5,6 - (continued) Spectra, Doppler Effect, Telescopes, Detectors,

Mon Oct 8: Ch 7,8 - Solar System Overview, Formation of our Solar System. Quiz #2 on Early Astronomy & Gravity (chap 3,4)

Mon Oct 15: Ch 9 - Inner Planet Geologic History, Mercury through Mars Quiz #3 on Atoms, Light and Telescopes (chap 5,6)

Mon Oct 22: Ch 10 - Inner Planet Atmospheres; The history of the atmosphere of the Earth. After the break: "The Birth of the Earth" . Help yourself to seeing it on your own first, on Youtube. Video followed by Open notes video quiz . (notes ONLY those taken during watching the video in class)

Mon Oct 29 : Earth's current and future climate: Climate in One Lecture, (and resource site: The Politics and Science of Climate)

Mon Nov 5: Ch 10 - Inner Planet Atmospheres. Ch 11 - Jovian Planets and their moons

Tue Nov 6: 6:15pm-7:15pm - Extra Credit Star Party at Cabrillo Observatory. Click on link and see the Google Earth photo on how to get there. Clouds will cancel, so keep eye on the sky!

Tue Nov 12: Ch 12 - Asteroids, Comets and the Kuiper Belt, Quiz #4 on the Formation of the Solar System, & Inner Planets (chap 7-10)

Mon Nov 19: Last day you can drop yourself from course. After this, you MUST take a grade.

Mon Nov 19: Ch 13 - Other Solar Systems Around Other Stars, Video (info at "Voyage to the Mystery Moon" and video itself here )followed by video quiz.

Mon Nov 26: Ch 13 - Other Solar Systems Around Other Stars, video on Kepler Mission (no vid quiz) Ch 14 - The Sun and Quiz #5 on Earth Climate, the Outer Planets, Comets & Asteroids (chap 11,12)

Mon Dec 3: Ch 24 - Life in the Galaxy

Mon Dec 10 6-9pm - Quiz 6 on Other Solar Systems, the Sun, Life in the Galaxy (chap 13,14,24), Final Exam

Mon Dec 17 midnite: Deadline I must submit grades to Grade Desk