Astro 3 - Key Themes in My Test Bank


This is a generic list. I made this by looking at all the ~ 250 questions in my test bank. Remember that I make my quizzes and finals fresh each semester, and you'll see roughly 120 questions drawn randomly from this master test bank. For more help in studying for your particular questions, refer to the study guide I handed out and which is on-line for the Monday/Wednesday, and for the Monday evening classes, which focuses in a different way on your particular exams. Looks like a lot to learn here, right? But before you get depressed, realize that your particular exams will only sample a small part of this, and all you need is a 80% for an "A". You can do it!


Chap 0: Scientific Thinking


Our Place in the Universe


Earth and Sky


Gravity, Motion, Relativity


Light, Matter


Telescopes, Detectors

     * Large modern telescopes are all reflecting telescopes, using mirrors and not lenses

     * Imaging is done with CCD detectors - digital for astronomers

     * Only Visible and Radio bands make it through the earth's atmosphere and can be studied from ground-based telescopes

     * Light gathering is the most important property of a telescope. Size matters, big!!

Formation of the Solar System


The Terrestrial Worlds (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the Moon)

Earth's Atmosphere

       * CO2 history of Earth - overall decline with geologic time. Carbonate rocks created by life pulling CO2 out of atmosphere
       * Milankovich orbital cycles and the Ice Ages
       * Modern global warming - firmly established to be caused by humans, mainly CO2 from fossil fuel burning
       * climate denialism, debunking myths


The Jovian Planets


Asteroids, Comets, Meteoroids


The Sun

Life in the Universe