Cabrillo Textbook Support Services

(alternatives to paying full price for a textbook. This announcement is now a few years old; not sure if it's still accurate. Snoop around)


Textbooks On Reserve

A copy of all textbooks from the most expensive down to $50 is on a 2-hour reserve in the library and in the ILC at the Watsonville Center. If these books are checked out in the last 2 hours of the day, they can be used over night.


Textbook Rental Program

There are a some (a few) textbooks stocked by Cabrillo which can be rented, for about 40% of the cost, for the full semester. Go to the Hawkshop (Cabrillo Bookstore) to see what textbooks are available this semester. I don't like this option much - you can buy and keep for ever a used or older edition textbook for MUCH cheaper than 40% of full price for the latest edition.


Textbook Exchange and Housing Board

Students might also find the books they need by going to the Cabrillo Textbook Exchange website at:


Borrow a Book

Students may apply to borrow a book for the semester. If the textbook is not in the inventory of this program, the coordinator of the program might be able to order it. The book must be returned at the end of the semester in good condition for future use by others. For an application in Aptos, see Melissa Brilino in the Transfer Center Bldg. 100. In Watsonville see Olga Diaz at the Watsonville Center Room 4402.


Also TextbookRush might have what you want a do-able price.


There's lots of other ideas coming and going, don't get locked into the Bookstore (which was outsourced to Barnes and Noble a while back as a college money-saving idea. Money-saving for the college, not for you!).