Astro 4 - Stars, Galaxies, and the Origin of the Universe

Mon Eve 6-9pm - Spring '18 Schedule

Outside Astro and Climate Lectures and Events - for Extra Credit Attendence

GreenSteps - Cabrillo College Sustainability Calendar of Event

Apr 28 Saturday - last day to withdraw and receive a "W". After this, you receive a grade no matter what

Mon Jan 29 :
Introduction, syllabus, bits of Ch 1, Chapter 0 - Principles of Clear Thinking and Scientific Method , On Teaching , Ch 3.5,4: Astrology as example of bogus pseudoscience

Mon Feb 5: Finish Chapter 0, On Teaching , Ch 3 - Historical Astronomy (brief), Ch 4 - Forces and Gravity

Mon Feb 12:
Ch 4 - Newton: Forces and Gravity, Ch 5 - Light and Matter

Mon Feb 19 - President's Day Holiday; no class

Mon Feb 26:
Ch 5 - Light and Matter, Quiz #1: Chap 0, On Teaching, ch 1, 3

Tue Feb 27: 6:30-7:30pm at Cabrillo Observatory: Our Extra Credit Star Party opportunity. Stay the hour and get 1% added to your grade. Click link and see the map of how to get there.

Mar 1 Thur 6;30pm- Extra Credit opportunity "Astronomy on Tap" at the New Bohemia Brewery

Mon Mar 5:
Ch 6 - Telescopes and Detectors, Ch S1,2 - Einstein and Modern Gravity, Ch 14 - The Sun, Fusion, Structure, Solar Wind

Mon Mar 12:
Ch 14 - The Sun, Fusion, Structure, Solar Wind, Quiz #2: Chap 4, 5, 6, bits of Chap S1,2

Tue Mar 13 7-9pm "Best of Laser", at Museum of Art on Front St., UCSC artists and scientists together, see flyer - extra credit if you go!

Mon Mar 19:
Ch 15 - Surveying the Stars, Ch 16 - The Birth of Stars, and after the break: History Channel's "Secrets of the Sun" video (44 min) and video quiz

Mon Mar 26: Spring Break - no class

Mar 28 Wed eve 5:45pm - "Chasing Coral" at the Santa Cruz Sanctuary Museum. (across from Dream Inn).- extra-credit for students

Mon Apr 2: Ch 17 - Ch 17 - Stellar Evolution of low mass stars and medium mass stars

Apr 6-8: "Contact" conference in Sunnyvale, put on by Cabrillo's Jim Funaro and SETI - extra credit opp.

Mon Apr 9:
Ch 17 - Stellar Evolution of High mass stars, Ch 18 - Binary Star Evolution, Quiz #3: Chap 14, 15

Mon Apr 16:
Ch 18 - Binary Star Evolution, Stellar Death - White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Novae, Black Holes. start Ch 19 - Our Milky Way Galaxy

Wed Apr 18: Extra-Credit - "Earth Night" sponsored by UCSC, at The Inn at Pasatiempo 6:30-8:30pm - on Artificial Light Pollution and the Sky

Thur Apr 19: Extra-Credit lecture "Our Climate Dilemma: The Political/Economic Agenda vs. the Straight Science" - Richard Nolthenius. 6-8pm at Studio 107 at Tannery Arts Center, bring a snack for this pot-luck!

Mon Apr 23:
Ch 19 - Our Milky Way Galaxy, Quiz #4: Chap 16-18, Ch 20,21 - Galaxy types, Galaxy evolution

Wed Apr 25: 7:30pm at The Crepe Place back patio WiSE talk on "Climate Adaptation in Santa Cruz" extra-credit for my students

Mon Apr 30:
Ch 20,21 - Quasars and Giant Black Holes, Ch 22 - Evidence for Dark Matter

Mon May 7:
Ch 22 - Dark Matter- what is it?, Large Scale Structure, Dark Energy. Quiz #5: Ch 19-21

Mon May 14: Ch 23, 24 - the Multi-verse, the Anthropic Principle, Life and implications for the Nature of the Universe. Video “Nova: The Runaway Universe” and video quiz,

Tue May 15- Thur May 18 - extra credit, the "Right Livlihood Awards Conference speakers at UCSC Kresge College and College 9/10 MultiPurpose Room - Bill McKibbin, many others, in Santa Cruz! Join the event, take selfies and pics, write up a page on what you learned. Submit for Extra Credit. I'll probably be at the Thur event and perhaps Wed afternoon, between other committments. See Details and for Amy Goodman and Daniel Ellsberg talks

Mon May 21: 6-9pm: Finals Week: Quiz #6: Ch 22-24, and Final Exam