Astro 4 - Stars, Galaxies, and the Origin of the Universe

Tue 2:45-5:50pm section - Spring '17 Schedule

UCSC: Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics Friday Seminar Schedule

GreenSteps - Cabrillo College Sustainability Calendar of Event

Apr 22 Saturday - last day to withdraw and receive a "W". After this, you receive a grade no matter what

Tue Jan 24 : Introduction, syllabus, bits of Ch 1, Chapter 0 - Principles of Clear Thinking and Scientific Method , On Teaching , Ch 3.5,4: Astrology as example of bogus pseudoscience

Tue Jan 31: Finish Chapter 0, On Teaching , Ch 3 - Historical Astronomy (brief), Ch 4 - Forces and Gravity

Tue Feb 7:
Ch 4 - Newton: Forces and Gravity, Ch 5 - Light and Matter

Mon Feb 13 6pm - "Waves Passing in the Night" - extra credit opportunity at UCSC

Tue Feb 14:
Ch 5 - Light and Matter, Quiz #1: Chap 0, On Teaching, ch 1, 3

Extra-Credit lecture: UCSC Physics Colloquium: Thursday, February 16th, 3:45 pm - 4:55 pm, Thimann Lecture Hall 1. "The Solar Dynamo: Successes, Failures, and Alternatives"

Tue Feb 21:
Ch 6 - Telescopes and Detectors, Ch S1,2 - Einstein and Modern Gravity, Ch 14 - The Sun, Fusion, Structure, Solar Wind

Tue Feb 28:
Ch 14 - The Sun, Fusion, Structure, Solar Wind, Quiz #2: Chap 4, 5, 6, bits of Chap S1,2

Tue Feb 28: 6:30-7:30pm at Cabrillo Observatory: Our Extra Credit Star Party opportunity. Stay the hour and get 1% added to your grade. Click link and see the map of how to get there. If cloudy, we'll try again later.

Tue Mar 7:
Ch 15 - Surveying the Stars, Ch 16 - The Birth of Stars and after the break: History Channel's "Secrets of the Sun" video (52 min) and video quiz

**ExtraCredit lecture opportunity - Wed Mar 8 - 4:30pm at UCSC Jack Baskin Engineering Rm 101 - Bob Kirchner "Science in a Time of Accelerating Turbulence"

**ExtraCredit lecture opportunity - Thur Mar 9 - 3:45pm at UCSC Thimann 1, "New Theory Tools to unveil the mystery of Dark Matter" Francsco D'Eramo of UCSC

Tue Mar 14:
Ch 16 - The Birth of Stars, Ch 17 - Stellar Evolution of low mass stars

Thur Mar 16 - 7:00pm ExtraCredit film viewing "Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Story" in Watsonville

Tue Mar 21: Spring Break - no class

Wed Mar 22: Extra Credit lecture opportunity - the Kraw Lecture by UCSC's Jonathan Fortney "How Common is the Earth?" on his work in the Kepler Mission, in Santa Clara.

Tue Mar 28:
Ch 17 - Stellar Evolution - Low, Medium, and High Mass Star evolutions, Quiz #3: Chap 14, 15

Tue Apr 4:
Ch 18 - Binary star evolution, Stellar Death - White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, Novae, Black Holes. start Ch 19 - Our Milky Way Galaxy

Thur Apr 6 - ExtraCredit Opportunity: 7pm at the Live Oak Grange 1900 17th Ave, educational presentation on climate change and climate action, by Santa Cruz Climate Action Network

Tue Apr 11:
Ch 19 - Our Milky Way Galaxy, Quiz #4: Chap 16-18, Ch 20,21 - Galaxy types, Galaxy evolution, video clip on colliding galaxies

Tue Apr 18:
Ch 20,21 - Quasars and Giant Black Holes, Ch 22 - Dark Matter

Thur Apr 20 at 6:45-9pm Extra Credit! My public Climate Talk at Erica Schilling Rm 450: "Post-IPCC Climate Science: A Darker Frame for our Options"

Fri Apr 21 - 7:00pm ExtraCredit film viewing "How to Let Go of the World", on confronting climate change. In Watsonville

Tue Apr 25:
Ch 22 - Dark Matter, Evidence for Dark Energy, Large Scale Structure, Quiz #5: Ch 19-21

Sat Apr 29 - Star Party at UCSC for extra credit. Take photos while you're there and then show them to me for your credit.

Tue May 2: Ch 22, 23 - Cosmology: The Big Bang and Inflation

Tue May 9:
Ch 22, 23 - Cosmology: The Big Bang and Inflation, Ch 23, 24 - the Multi-verse, the Anthropic Principle, Life and implications for the Nature of the Universe Video “Nova: The Runaway Universe” and video quiz,

late opportunities for Extra Credit outside lectures:
--- Those at UCSC Astro/Planetary this week
--- Thur May 11: agriculture and climate discussion panel at downtown Santa Cruz

Tue May 16: 1-4pm: Finals Week: Quiz #6: Ch 22-24, and Final Exam