Some Short Astro 7 YouTube Videos to Productively Spend Our Mid-Class Break


Hubble Observes Neptune's Atmosphere (1:05)

The Psychology of Climate Denial
Why People Don't Believe in Climate Science (7 min)

Prof. Daniel Gilbert (Harvard) on Why Humans Aren't Wired to Respond to Climate Change (8 min)

On the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC)
Michael Mann on IPCC's overly-conservative Assessment Reports (7:47)
Quick summary of IPCC AR5 2013 (2:10)
Longer Summary of IPCC AR5 2013 (9 min)
Dr. Jason Box Interviewed on Sea Level Rise and IPCC AR5 (4:16)
A History of Climate Negotiations in 83 seconds

Climate Modeling
Gavin Schmidt on Emergent Climate Properties (12 min)
Climate Sensitivity Revised back up to 3C: 2014 Kummer & Dessler (4 min)
Stratospheric Water Vapor Feedback (2:43)
A Year in the Life of CO2 on Earth (3:10) (Computer model of CO2 emission sources and dispersion, to be compared to OCO-2 data later)

We've Known About Human-Caused Climate Change for a Very Long Time
Walter Cronkite broadcast 1980 (2:39)
From "Soylent Green" in 1973 (0:22)
"In the '70's, They Said There'd be an Ice Age" (not!) (9 min)
John Holdren on 50th Anniversary of Climate Change warnings (1:33)

Climate Denial and Politics
Why the Notion of a Global Conspiracy of Scientists to Perpetuate a Global Warming Hoax is Absurd (R. Alley) (1:41)
Michael Mann - "Don't Mud-Wrestle with a Pig" (2:32)
Stanford climatologist Stephen Schneider - Modern history of global warming and climate denialism (12 min)
Doubt - The Climate Reality Project (5:12)
Prof. Michael Mann: 6 stages of Climate Denial (2:10)
Prof. Michael Mann interview, on personal threats from Climate Denialists (3 min)
Don't Hold Your Breath (6:47)
Many are the Same Characters: Tobacco/health denialists and climate denialists (9 min)
Myth of the Mini Ice Age (6:49)
Media and the Cosmic Ray Canard (7:16)
No Slowdown in Global Warming (7:28)
The "No Warming in 16 years" Crock, from SkepticalScience (even w/o ocean heat transfer, rate unchanged) (2:06)
Trade Winds and the "Hiatus" (2:29)
Decision-Making Under Uncertainty (Dessler) (6:13)
Trend vs. Variation: Climate vs. Weather (1:04)
How Climate Denialists View Sea Ice "Recovery" (0:25)

Verstasium Channel: Debunking 13 Myths of Global Warming (6:49) - Effective, entertaining, and QUICK debunks!
US is an Oligarchy, not a democracy, says 20 year Princeton study (4:00)
NPR Interview with director of film "Merchants of Doubt" (5 min)
"Brandalism" (or I call it "Ad Wrenching") at Paris COP21 (1:30) and here (5:24)
Exxon Knew (9:24) (Yale series - excellent)
"How Reliable are Satellite Temperatures?" (8min)
ClimateGate nonsense, debunked by Michael Mann (7:19)
Smoke and Fumes- A Hidden History of Oil and Tobacco (5:23)

The Future
Welcome to the Rest of our Lives (8 min)
Girl asks ACTUAL climate expert what could happen (6 min)

Prof. Paul Ehrlich on the Future (Australia 2011) (10 min)
Prof. Andrew Dessler: Climate Sensitivity Basics (6:40)
Dr. Jason Box: Greenland - Starting to Slip (5:37)
James Lovelock and the End of Civilization (2:44)
Expecting the Unexpected: Abrupt Climate Change (7:24)
Polar Ice Loss faster, more dangerous than earlier projections (Yale series) (6 min)

Permafrost Loss (NBC news spot, good visuals) (6 min)
Welcome to the Pliocene (Maureen Raymo, Yale Series) (4 min)
James Hansen: Cenozoic CO2 vs Today's rate (8 min)
What to Do About Climate Change promo vid (2 min)
Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein (12min)
Methane release from Industry drilling is 3x underestimated (4 min)
27,000 Rivers in China have run dry (2:40)
How the Collapse of West Antarctica Will Develop (2:15) - excellent visuals and explanation
"This is not happening" - Monty Python
Jennifer Francis: A New Arctic Amplifying Feedback (1:20)

From Hollywood
HBO's "The Newsroom" on our climate future (not far wrong, alas) (4min)
Nature Speaks videos - Harrison Ford "The Ocean" (2:03)
Hollywood and the "Cli-Fi" genre (9:50)
Prince Ea - "Dear Future Generations: Sorry" (6:02)

Polar Ice Loss and Implications (e.g. Extreme Weather) for Earth
A New Climate State: Arctic Sea Ice into 2012 (6:39)
Climate, Jet stream, and Polar Vortex - Yale series (7:28)
California Drought, Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and Arctic Ice (8:35)
Greenland: A Ring of Mountains (Yale series, 7 min)
Greenland Dark Snow Project (8 min) **
Meltwater pulse and Antarctica (5:56)
Ice Caps Melting at Rate Never Before Seen (6:52)
Arctic Spiral and Earth's Future (12 min)

Greenland Ice Sheet Loss (17 sec)
Greenland 2014: Ice Loss Rate Doubling Every 8 yrs (6:56)
Dark Snow 2014: Why We're Here (5:15)
Greenland Melt Process Details and rapid Acceleration (8 min) - Great visuals, include in lecture
Dark Snow visuals, in interview with Jason Box (2:34)
Greenland: Follow the Water (6:56 )
NASA maps Greenland in 3D (3:36) wonderful visual of the 3D age and structure of the Greenland ice sheet
James Balog and "Chasing Ice" Lecture (13:15)
Glacier Loss on Antarctic Peninsula (1:07) - silent, use in lecture
NASA Scientists Link Earlier Melt of Snow with Aerosol Snow Darkening (1:50)
Animation: The Circulation of the Southern Ocean (3:52)
80m Sea Level - New Continental Coastlines (4:26)
25 years of Disappearing Permanent Arctic Ocean ice (1:04)
Totten Glacier and East Antarctic Melt w/ Dr. Jamin Greenbaum (3:50)
James Hansen on Ice Sheet and Sea Levels 2016 (not Superstorms) (3:28)

Ocean Warming and Acidification
Demystifying Ocean Acidification and Biodiversity (12:12) - nicely done; a lot of info in easy-digestable form.

Communicating Climate Change
Why Isn't the Message Getting Through (Bill Moyers interview) (5:23)

Iron Vanadium Redox Batteries (4:12)

Solar+Wind hybrid Generators (3:06)
The Myth of Energy Storage vs. Baseload (3:47)
Compact Fusion Reactors in 20 years? (3:57)

"China Uncensored" YouTube channel (beware, sarcasm level is set to "overload")
DON'T drink the water. China's Water Crisis (5:05)
DO hold your Breath (in China) - a snarky look at China's air and politics (4:29)
20 Signs China's Pollution Has Reached Apocalyptic Levels (5:07)

NPR "All Things Considered" - Fossilized raindrops (3:51)

Something Happier (or Wackier)
16yr old girl invents flashlight powered by warm hands!
Waka-Waka solar powered light (3min) and here. Very very cool and not just for the 3rd world!
360 degree fisheye panorama night sky time lapses, to music (4 min)
Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot (3 min)
Epic Rap: Newton vs. Bill Nye (2 min)
I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire (2:41) (by one of my original Astro 7 students; Cassandra Brown!)
Wanderers, with Carl Sagan (3 min)
Who Needs Elitist Climate Scientists? (skit on "A Prairie Home Companion") (2:37)
Shell Oil's Embarrassing Moment at the Grand Prix (1:26)
Pope Francis goes Rope-a-Dope (1:53)
Erecting a Wind Turbine in a Few Days (5:48)
Simon and Garfunkel "Citizen of the Planet (3min)
An Open Letter to World Leaders from the Children who will Inherit our World (2:03)
Frosty the Coalman (from the Coal Industry) (0:49) - (unbelievably out of touch with reality)

Call to Earth - A Message from the World's Astronauts (8:03)

"China Uncensored" YouTube channel (beware, sarcasm level is set to "overload")
DON'T drink the water. China's Water Crisis (5:05)
DO hold your Breath (in China) - a snarky look at China's air and politics (4:29)
20 Signs China's Pollution Has Reached Apocalyptic Levels (5:07)