Study Guide #2: Quizzes and the Associated PowerPoints

Your quiz and final exam study guides are prepared by software I wrote. I've adapted it to handle this course, which includes much material found only in my lectures and power points, as well as (for the first 1/3 of the course) material in the Bennett et al. textbook (buy the more complete "Cosmic Perspectives - Solar System" text which I use in Astro 3, as a used book. The chapter numbers below reflect those in the "Cosmic Perspectives: Solar System" and "Cosmic Perspectives" (full book).

In the online Study Guides, you will see listed the chapter subsections to study for each question on the exams. Below, I give the corresponding chapter number in the "Cosmic Perspective - Solar Systems" book, as well as the relevant powerpoints you should review for each quiz. The sentence in the Study Guides should alert you to the particular material to study. Material which is only covered in my personal lecture / powerpoints will have a "K" in front of a "chapter" number (a chapter number which I invented purely for the use of my study guide software).

Quiz #1
"Chapter 0: Science and Clear Thinking" and K29 "On Teaching"
Chap 5: Light and Atoms
K20 = Heat Transfer Mechanisms

Quiz #2
Chap 11: Jovian Planets and their Moons
Chap 10: Atmospheres of Mercury, Venus, and Mars
Chap 13: Other Solar Systems Around Other Stars

Quiz #3
K31 = Paleo Climate and Atmosphere of the Earth
K32 = Present Structure of Earth's Atmosphere
K33 = Carbon Cycles

Quiz #4
K34 = Climate Modeling
K35 = Clouds and Aerosols - Effects on Climate
K36 = The Ocean / Atmosphere Connection
K37 = Climate Forcing and Climate Time Scales

Quiz #5
K38a. Current Climate Change - Temperatures
K38b. Current Climate Change - Ice
K38c. Current Climate Change - Sea Level
K38d Current Climate Change - Other Effects
K38e. Current Climate Change - Deforestation
K39 = The Key Evidence Global Warming is Human-Caused
K40 = Climate Denialism (very little from here; mostly now from K40b)
K40b = Psychopathologies of Climate Denial

Quiz #6
K42 = Future Climate: 21st Century and Beyond
K43 = Thermodynamics of Civilization
K44 = Strategies: Policy
K45 = Strategies: Technology
K46 = Geo-Engineering

Final Exam is comprehensive - study all the same powerpoints and relevant text material according to the specific points on the final exam study guide at the bottom of this page.