Astro 7: Planetary Climate Science - Fall '15 Lecture Schedule

6-9pm Monday evenings. Classroom: Room 806 in STEM 800 building

UCSC: Institute for Geophysics and Planetary Physics Friday Seminar Schedule and Map

Short videos suitable for the mid-class break

Reading Assignments: Next to each date below, is the chapter and powerpoint material that today's lecture is drawn from. You should read and watch the PowerPoint before lecture

LAMAT: Summer Research Internship Opportunity at UCSC, for Community College Sci/Engin Students

Aug 31
* Intro to course (A7-1)
* Chapter 0 - Science and Clear Thinking (PP Chap 0)
* Read also Chapter 1, part of 3 in text: "The Science of Astronomy"

Sept 7 - Labor Day Holiday, No Class

Fri Sept 12: last day to add the class, or drop without a "W". Census day is Sept 14

Sept 14 (read chapter 5 in text)
* Essay "On Teaching"
* The Nature of Light and Matter (PP 5)
* Spectra, absorption and emission by molecules (PP 5)

Sept 21 (read chapter 5 in text)
* Heat and the 3 heat transfer mechanisms (K20)
* The Atmospheres of the Jovian Planets and moons (PP 11)

Sept 28 (read chapter 11 in text)
* The Atmospheres of the Jovian Planets and moons (PP 11)
* The Atmospheric Evolution of Mercury, Venus, and Mars (PP 10)

Oct 5 (read chapters 9-11 in text)
* The Atmospheric Evolution of Mercury, Venus, and Mars (PP 10)
* The Sun, the Solar Cycle and Luminosity Changes (PP 14)
Quiz #1: Chapter 0, On Teaching, Light, Atoms

Oct 12 (read chapters 10, 14 in text)
* Exoplanets - Atmospheres of Planets Around Other Stars (PP 13)
* Paleoclimate - Earth's Early Atmosphere and its evolution. (K31)

Oct 16 - Friday 3:30pm: Extra credit public lecture opportunity: IGPP seminar on "The Gemini Planet Imager Exo-planet Survey"

Oct 19
(read chapter 13 in text)
* Paleoclimate - Earth's Early Atmosphere and its evolution. (K31)
* Ice Ages (K31)
Quiz #2 - K20: Heat transfer, Ch 7,8: Formation of the Solar System, Ch 10: Atmospheres of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and Ch 11: Outer Planets

Oct 26
* Ice Ages (K31)
* Present Structure of Earth's Atmosphere (K32)
* (after our 7:30pm break) 44 min Video "Birth of the Earth" (preview on YouTube) and video quiz (google "Birth of the Earth" and "How the Earth was Made" as search terms to find other postings if the one above has been taken down)

Nov 2
* The Carbon Cycle: How Carbon moves through the Earth System (K33)
* Climate Modelling. Key drivers, equations, computer techniques, positive vs. negative feedbacks, modelling using data fitting (K34)

Nov 3: 6:15-7:15pm at Cabrillo Observatory: Our Extra Credit Star Party opportunity. Stay the hour and get 1% added to your grade. Click link and see the map of how to get there.

Nov 9
* Clouds and aerosols - the Complex Way They Influence Heating of Earth (K35)
* Oceans - their Connection to the Atmosphere and Climate (K36)
* Climate Forcing and Climate Time Scales (K37)
Quiz #3 - Ch 13: Exoplanets, Ch 14: The Sun, K31: Earth Paleoclimate and Atmosphere, K32: Structure of Our Atmosphere

Nov 16
* Climate Forcing and Climate Time Scales (K37)
* Current Global Warming: Temperatures (K38a)
* Current Global Warming including human influence: Polar Thaw (K38b)

Wed Nov 18: Extra credit talk at Bookshop Santa Cruz - Lisa Randall on Dark Matter 7pm

Fri Nov 20: Extra-credit lecture: IGPP Seminar at 3:30 "Exoplanet Climatology: The Next Era of Habitable-planet Hunting", map to room

Sat Nov 21: Last day you can drop from course with a "W". After this, you MUST take a grade.

Sun Nov 22: Climate change gathering before Paris Summit, at San Lorenzo Park next to the County Building, across the river from Downtown. (I'll be speaking briefly). Extra credit opportunity. See me after I speak and I'll get your name.

Nov 23 (incl. video "the 'No Warming in 16 years' Crock")
* Current Global Warming including human influence: Polar Thaw (K38b), Sea Level Rise (K38c)
* Other Causes/Effects of Current Climate Change (K38d), Deforestation and Climate (K38e)
* AGW: The Key Evidence Global Warming is Human-Caused (K39)
Quiz #4: K33: Carbon Cycles, K34: Climate Modelling, K35: Clouds & Aerosols, K36: Ocean/Atmosphere Connection

Nov 30 (Veratasium debunks denialism)
* Denialism - Psychopathology, Politics, Economics, Denialist Tactics (K40 and K40b)
* Debunking Climate Denialist Claims (K41)
* The Future: Climate in the 21st Century and beyond, Global and regional California climate (K42)

Dec 7 (Erik the Viking - "This is not Happening" 1:29)
* Thermodynamics and Civilization: Limitations to What can be Done (K43)
* Strategies: Government Policy(K44)
* Strategies: Technological Ideas (K45)

Mon Dec 14 - Final Exam Week, Class is 3 hrs: 6-9pm
Quiz #5 - K38-44: Current Global Warming, K39: AGW Key Evidence, K40: Denialism, K42: 21st Century Climate and Beyond, K43: Thermodynamics of Civilization, K44: Strategies-Policy
and Final Exam (50 mult choice quiz-type questions, comprehensive of entire course - a long quiz!)

Mon Dec 21 midnite: Deadline I must submit grades to Grade Desk