Grading for your Astrophotography Projects

Astro 8A Galleries , Astro 9 Galleries

Detailed Requirements for Your Gallery Image and Labels

Points late (before final) Late (after final)
28 -2 -5 1024 size jpg, sent to instructor, properly sized and scaled as email attachment, processed with proper software skills.
4 -1 -2 3 inch thumbnail of the jpg, sent to instructor as email attachment
22 -2 -4 Label for the on-line gallery, either as plain email, or made in NotePad w/o formatting, emailed to me
15 0 -8 8"x10" print of image, using glossy quality photo paper (not standard letter paper off your home printer!)
5 0   print matches jpg in proper brightness - you MUST be self-assertive with Bay Photo people! Refuse to pay for a too-dark print!
12 0 -3 Image is set in 8"x10" frame that's reasonable (plain but decent frames can be had for ~$8 at Walgreens).
6 0 -2 printed (not handwritten) neatly cut front label placed under glass in frame (don't scotch tape it to the front, that's tacky!!), with proper content
8 0 -3 printed back label taped or glued to the back of the frame, with proper content

Total = 100 points