To Get and/or Set your Login and Password for Hawknet Access to the Web on Campus


Each semester, you have to reset your login and password, since Cabrillo seems to flush out old students so if you don't already have a login/pw for hawknet for this semester...


1. Go to a computer connected to the web, to the Cabrillo main page

2. Click on the Distance Students tab, which will bring up a page on which you find...

3. Click on Blackboard Login in the upper left

If you already have a blackboard account, you can login that way. If not, follow the instructions in upper left to create an account and password.



Is the student officially registered?

Are they entering their last name exactly as it is in Datatel – spaces, hyphens, apostrophe’s? (Check your class roster)

Do they have the correct student ID?

For help, call 5286 (the front desk in the CTC) and ask for a tech.

Usually all accounts are available the day after the student registers.


If a student forgets their password, all they need to do is repeat the lookup process.


The syntax of all account names is:

1st 2 letters of the first name + 1st 4 letters of the last name + last 4 digits of the student id#