Fall 2007 Photo Gallery

This semester we used the 8" f/4 Meade LXD75 scope for all shooting. We were graced in late October with spectacular Comet Holmes, and some good moonless nights as well.

The Bubble Nebula / M52. CJ Dyer took the first 3 (I did the final 2) of this 5x5min stack of open cluster M52 and the Bubble Nebula in Cassiopeiae. Perfect moonless crystal clear skies at Cabrillo helped, and Astronomy Tools actions were essential in bringing out this faint nebula to best effect.

The Eagler Nebula - Esther worked hard to pull a great photo out of a challenging situation. Her's was the first shot of the semester; the nebula was setting in the trees over light-polluted Cabrillo. The haze made it tough to pull the nebula out of the background. Even more so, since the first 5min image developed frost on the chip.

M13 in Hercules - Joe shot this picture of the great M13 globular cluster in Hercules.

M33 in Triangulum - Jessie shot this set on spiral galaxy M33. 5x5min stack, and printed at home on his own printer. The print hangs in the new Cabrillo Observatory It's quite nice - good work!