This class was not only photogenic, but photographic as well. Some of the rich haul of photo's from the astrophotography project have arrived and are shown below. Still waiting on many of those you see above... We had a decent number of clear night skies, and got a lot of observations on our variable star projects.

Congratulations to the winners of the competition for most accurate light curves!Beta Lyrae: Garreck. Delta Cephei: Gabby, R Scuti: Bonnie

Austin's image of the Pelican Nebula

Carolyn's nice rendition of the very difficult Helix Nebula in Aquarius - a planetary nebula which is very expanded and dim

Bonnie's version of the DumbBell Nebula M27, in Vulpeculae. A very different looking Planetary Nebula

Zach's Andromeda Galaxy. A bit too dark, there, Zach! Where'd the disk go?

Marina's image of Lagoon Nebula (M8) in Sagittarrius. Nicely pulled out of the light-polluted skies over the trees separating the observatory from the main campus and it's unshielded lights

David's rendition of an existing image of the PacMan Nebula in Cassiopeiae.Using 'curves' could've pulled more of the nebula out of the sky.

Reed's Veil Nebula

Zac's M33, modified by the instructor.

Gabby's Andromeda Galaxy

Keli's Orion Nebula