Our Spring class has a little more than the usual trouble with clouds and sunlight. Some of these photo projects were performed on raw material from earlier semesters. Still, we got some nice renditions. My personal favorite is Leslie's shot of her own Rosette Nebula. Leslie is also a digital media major and had deep photoshop skills to help her get the most out of this image.

M81 and M82, borrowed by Megan for making this nice image

Leslie made this beautiful image of the Rosette Nebula

Zosha worked on some images of the Elephand Nebula, taken at Barcroft Lab last summer.

Liam borrowed an earlier photo of NGC 253 to produce this nice shot

Jonathan used a set on the California Nebula from last year to make this final picture

Lacey used a shot of the Owl Nebula from '08 to make this rendition

Kiely and I worked this older shot of the Horsehead Nebula, which had disappeared into the west before we could get a shot this semester.

Geoff took this great shot of NGC 4565 in Coma and polished it nicely in Photoshop

M46 - the only star cluster with a planetary nebula in it. Borrowed shot which Tim worked into this nice shot

A nebula near the SeaGull in Canis Major - a tough target for Sam

NGC 7380 - a shot I took at Barcroft Labs last year, was raw material for Chris Bunting's efforts.

Christian took an old shot of M13 to photoshop it into this nice image.

IC 405 - the Flaming Star Nebula, in Auriga. Raw shots were taken a while back, and borrowed by Tom to make this rendition

David Hernandez used a shot of mine of the Jellyfish Nebula, to make this nice shot

M51, taken on a frosted chip night and polished up by Mark as well as was possible

Genki took this shot of the Orion Nebula on our first clear night. M42 of course, provides a great Signal/Noise ratio, it is so bright