Astro 9 Fall '08 - Dark Sky Trip to Bonny Doon Nov 22, '08

Good turnout this time, and clear dry skies made for a rich haul of deep sky photography. Fred arrived with his RV and allowed us to run one of the GM8 / ST2000xcm combo's on AC current. He and Ann Pike are now pretty good at setting up the 2nd GM8 mount and the Megrez scope and camera and so I left them in charge of that, coming over occassionally to starhop them to their next target, while I ran the GM8 / 8" f/4 Meade SN / ST4000xcm setup. I'll fill in the photo's as they are polished up and produced.

Student versions of their photos are shown in their individual galleries. Below I'll do my own versions, as time permits.