Allen Ginzburg

Allen's been a long-time RCASSr and an excellent photographer. He lives not far away in Aptos and has his own 10" LX200 for most of his pictures.

Comet Holmes Oct 24, 2007. 11x1sec + 6x2sec exposures stacked in Registax. With 10" LX200 and Nikon D40 DSLR

Same as at left, but polished in Photoshop to bring out the asymmetric nuclear region.

Saturn through the 10" LX200, stacked and processed in Registax and Photoshop

This dramatic picture is of Saturn being grazed by the nearly full moon, using our 12" and ST-7 CCD camera.

The moon on Oct 1, '03 with Nikon Coolpix digital camera through our 8" Meade LX10 telescope