The Great Leonid Meteor Storms

Every 33 years, the comet responsible for the Leonid meteor shower returns to the inner solar system, and makes a passage directly across the Earth's orbit on November 17. For a few years, it's possible to see truely spectacular storms, with over a thousand meteors per hour coming out of the sky. In 2000, the storm came, over Australia. In 2001, the show came to California. Astro 9 did an expedition to the Mojave Desert - Red Rock Canyon State Park - to get away from the lights of the city and get better odds of a clear sky. It was a spectacular show and we got some great shots. This was still during the "film era" and I confess that even my own shots haven't made it to digital form yet. They're buried in drawers of slide boxes. BUT - their are a few shots which have made it to this page - enjoy! Some day, another meteor storm will come...

Leonid Meteor Storm 20001. Jay Friedland made this beautiful composite image from the outback of Australia.

Leonid Meteor Storm '02. Our crew converged on a small meadow just off Empire Grade at Gray Whale Ranch. Shahram captured this fireball on film and scanned it to produce this .jpg. Nice!

Leonid Meteor Storm '02 I made this image of the same Leonid fireball using our SBIG ST7XE CCD camera mated to a 24mm f/2 Nikon lens, exposing for ~10 seconds.