Jupiter and Saturn - 2004


Allen Ginzburg took these shots of Jupiter and Saturn in early March '04 using his Philips ToUcam and 10" Meade LX200. The Great Red Spot is center right. Both pictures have been post-processed with sharpening and Photoshop adjustments. Nice work!





Allen follwed with these images on Saturn, showing the difference that image size on the camera chip makes. He provides the following commentary...

"The difference between these two is the focal length of the original video. I used f/10 for the first and f/20 (a 2x barlow) for the second. The imaging chip in the ToUcam is 3.6mm x 2.7mm providing a field of 148x111 arc seconds at f/10 (f=2500mm) and 74x56 arc seconds at f/20 (all at 320x240 pixels). This produces a resolution of .46 arcsconds /pixel
at f/10 and .23 arcseconds/pixel at f/20. The image at f/20 looks considerably smoother than the one at f/10. Saturn is approximately 19" wide so in the first image the planet is about 41 pixels across and in the second about 82 pixels across. Note that this is the planet only, the rings at their widest point are about 43" across or a little more than double the planet." See the ToUcam link for pictures taken at even longer focal length.

Not to be out-done, Astro 9 veteran Shahram Tarani used a Meade LPI camera and software to capture this beautiful image of saturn in early April '04. And this equally impressive image of Jupiter and the Great Red Spot.