Key Points for Short Climate Talks

Key Science
-- Tim Garrett's work shows energy consumption proportional to total GDP for the world summed over every year since civilization began. Profound implications on how hard it will be to half climate change
-- Forget Stern Report. Forget Remi study, with their failure to connect the needed energy use involved in transforming the grid
-- Despite growing solar and wind, global fossil fuel burning is growing at far higher rates. For verification observe the atmospheric CO2 content continues to accelerate upward. Asia and especially China is the largest accelerator. The West has exported their CO2 generation to the 3rd world: Stop shouting how easy it will be to decarbonize and keep econ growth - we sent our carbon emissions for our lifestyle overseas, and climate is GLOBAL! CO2 diffusion time is just a few weeks!
-- CO2 per watt of energy produced (carbonization) dropped by 12% during the last 35 years of the 20th century. Since then, it has RISEN 2% during this century, despite the growth of solar and wind etc.
-- Even 12% per 35 years is nowhere remotely fast enough decarbonization to make any difference. Rise rate obeys laws of thermodynamics as applied to civilization itself, as Garrett shows.
-- The rate of emission of CO2 has doubled since 1980 and continues to accelerate upward.
-- Even a global collapse of civilization wealth by 40% by year 2100 and CO2 still continues to rise to 600ppm, all other scenarios are much worse. It TAKES energy to transform the power system of the world, and that energy is CARBON energy now.
-- Energy analyst Vaclav Smil calculates even to capture/sequester (CSS) 20% of today's CO2 emissions will require 70% higher capacity than the petroleum capacity of the entire global oil industry. CSS studied for decades, but only 1 CSS commercial facility in operation, and this is only because they take the CO2 and use it to enhance oil production through pumping.
--Garrett: "There are no thermodynamically supported solutions that avoid inflation rates less than 100% and lead to stabilized CO2 concentrations this century"
-- Relying on atmospheric CO2 removal? $1,000/ton of CO2 is the top researchers (Klaus Lackner) estimate, with no answer to how that figure can be reduced. That's $56,000 for every single man, woman, and child on the planet - completely unaffordable with our current mindset.

* Gilens & Page Princeton nearly 2000 legislative bills over 20 years. Avg voters wished have 0 correlation with what is passed. Mass popular lobbies not much better (0.24 corr). Corporate lobbies 0.78, and 100% effective in stopping bills they strongly oppose.
* Complacency of the People is a Powerful Force to be Reckoned With.
--Yell "Fire!" in crowded theater and if no one reacts, you won't either. Conspircy of silence in the media:
--Media Matters 2013: NBC+ABC+CBS+Fox spent total of only 27 minutes on climate in their Sunday shows. "Meet the Press" spent zero.
-- Today, 2 months after "Exxon Knew" story broke, NBC+ABC+CBS+Fox have not a single mention of the story
* Tyndall Climate Centre Dr. Kevin Anderson points out that, between the scientists and then on up the tiers all the way to the international negotiators at climate talks, there is STRONG pressure to make rosy projections that mild policy actions will work, and the scientists privately tell him - "I know it's not true"
-- Forget Stern Report. Forget Remi study, and so many other rosy-eyed notions that economic growth is consistent with a halt at +2C. Assumptions are just plain naive and wrong, shows Prof. Anderson

* As long as climate activists are seen as just a fringe group of agitators, politely asking their representatives to do something, nothing will happen
-- Same as how scientists were ignored for so many years as just eggheads talking to themselves in their obtuse journals that few people knew how to read or comprehend
-- But that CHANGED with the very popular movie "An Inconvenient Truth". THEN the Big Oil money flowed in, throwing mud in the faces of all, sufficient to guarantee uncertainty and paralysis and complacency.
* Today, activists are not facing up to the truth of Gilens and Page 2014 - as long as we just politely "ask" for action, Big Oil knows it's safe; it can do some small scale strategic sacrifices of pawn and even a rook or two, while eyes remained focused on winning the ultimate chess match - because when it's seen as "too late", people don't get excited about just making the future less awful, and instead prefer not to think about it at all, and enjoy the moment. Complacency guaranteed.
-- They win (short term profits) and all future life on Earth loses.

It's Later Than you Think. Strong, Economically painful policy required Immediately. Don't ask, DEMAND, or you'll continue to be ignored except for smiling placating reassurances.

* Occupy DC
with 1 million: less than 1/3 of 1% of our population - it's do-able!
-- Peacefully, obey all police, quietly accept arrest, till jails are filledDemand:
1. Pass stiff Tax and Dividend $500/ton of CO2 is closer to what's needed for real climate-relevant action
2. Sharp trade sanctions against other countries no passing their own Tax-and-Dividend
3. A portion of $ goes to research/develop/deploy CO2 removal from atmosphere (we don't know how to do this yet)