Non-Fossil Fuel Energy Advances

* Harvard engineers (Aziz et al. 2014) develop organic battery promising much higher energy storage/dollar and may be a solution for intermittant solar and wind power.

* "Solar Wind" towers can use solar heating to drive powerful drafts which run turbines. (video 56sec)

* Stanford scientists produce hydrogen for fuel cells using cheap metals and low voltages. Could eventually be powered by solar cells, instead of current hydrogen fuel cells whose hydrogen is produced by high energy processes using methane and generaing greenhouse gases. Link

* Breakthrough in nanotech synthesis may improve sunlight-mediated hydrogen production for fuel cells by a factor of 15 (Weng et al. 2014)

* Farmers can grow both crops and solar power on the same land, it appears. And in the same theme: Floating Solar

* Superconducting wind turbines promise to cut cost, boost efficiency of wind energy.

* Project Drawdown - Paul Hawken's plan for reducing atmospheric CO2

* Progress on Li-Sulfur batteries: Claims of 3 times the mileage in electric cars for the same weight, and cheaper as well.

* Advances in polymers may lead to Lithium-Ion batteries with twice the capacity of ~2014 batteries