The Paolicchi Occultation

Feb 21/22, 2016

Saturday evening, Ted Swift emailed the relevent people, reminding them of this event, at 7:03pm Sunday evening. It had slipped my attention, not being on Preston's list. I had a long run planned today, all the way to Mary's place, about 19 miles as it turned out (I thought it would be 14, as a guesstimate, not looking at the map!) Anyway, I did barely get back home in time, and hurried to make C2A charts for my equipment configuration, jumped in the car, got to my office, printed the charts, drove to the Observatory, got the 10" scope set up, 2-star aligned, and then slewed to the coordinates... but we had moderate cirrus and the full moon was only 32 degrees away, and the sky was very bright, with no bright stars near the target in Ursa Major. I couldn't find the target star, in the end

The look says it all