The Rogeria Occultation

Sept 6/7, 2016

This low-rank event crosses over Monterey Bay and also Ted Swift and Derek and I more or less, so it's worth trying to get it towards the end of the Astro 8A class. 10% odds of a "hit" for this path for Cabrillo College.

Eyepiece Chart. Don't know why the faint stars don't show up on the left side

LCD view on camcorder


Got a good recording, at 4x (2 frames integrations) for 1.5 min before the event, to about 1 minute after. Saw no occultation on the LCD screen. Will process later to be sure. Looks like no one got an event so far as the early communications go.

Target star clearly shows no occultation, even for a single integration of 2-frames (1/16 sec). This is only the 35 seconds centered on the predicted occultation time, but since max duration was only 4 seconds, it should be in here if there was an occultation. The rest of the tape, from 1.5 min before to 1 min after, shows no events either.