The Aldebaren Graze

Oct 18/19, 2016

Aldebaren, magnitude 0.9, will graze the 85- moon 20 degrees above the horizon from Apple Valley. Dunham Handout



Path through LA

Joshua Rd South

Joshua 2 sites

AppleValley wider and wider still

Adelanto turnoff

Through Apple Valley

MapQuest Apple Valley Streets


Post Graze Pix and Commentary

Excellent success from our Apple Valley team, with perhaps exception of Derek's station, who had too small a portable telescope - an ST80 - to separate Aldebaren from the sunlit features. From north to south at the 1.2kmS are of the profile, it was me, Chuck McPartlin, and Walt Morgan spaces a few hundred feet apart.

It was a long 7+ hr drive to Apple Valley. While I had a good audio book "How the Brain Heals", still I needed a mid-course correction - a 2 mile run at the old decaying Hwy 466 where it passes into the Central Valley hilltop.

Sprawling ranchland, great for running.

I took a very similar image last February, on the drive to Barstow for the Route 66 Photo Workshop

I arrived at the designated spot on rural Joshua Rd, and spotted Walt Morgan next to his telescope. Still in my running shorts, I grabbed this quick shot of "The A-Team" before getting warmer clothes on.

There was some hesitancy about where we should set up, since two of our prime locations, on the sidewalk next to adjacent houses, had front yards (fenced, thank God) with angry barking dogs. Walt migrated south, and I migrated north. Chuck McPartlin stayed put in the middle.

I set up across the street, in a dirt vacant lot far enough from the dogs to placate them.

The "A - Team!", included me, Walt, Chuck, and Derek

Chuck routed his videocam output straight to his MacBook Pro, which worked well.

I brought a tripod and the GTF81 f/5 refractor in order to take some nice color images just after the graze.

A little Photoshop helped balance the red giant Aldebaren and the bright lunar surface. I like it!

I gave Derek my ZR45mc camcorder and remote with firewire, and he and Walt consolidated all our video records onto a flash drive back at the Motel 6 around midnight. About a week later, Walt had finished doing a fine job with reductions, using these video outputs using LiMovie software. The reduced timings were put into OCCULT4 for presenting the profiles below, showing pretty good agreement with the LRO data.


OCCULT4 reduction profile for my graze, with LRO profile data

And for Chuck

And Walt

LiMovie light curve of my graze

And Chuck's

And Walt's

Lunar profile graph of all observers together