Aeternitas Occultation

Dec 28, 2016


Aeternitas Occultation:
11.6 combined, drop to 13.2. at 5:52:31 pm from Montara . Tide at -0.5ft at 4:17pm, so Fitzgerald Marine Reserve tidepools will be excellent. Then maybe drive further north for better odds.

Preston page , Preston map page , Eyepiece Chart , Chip chart for straight through , Chip chart if using diagonal



Montara Hostel site; enter from Hwy 1, turn left immediately, before sliding gate (which will be open), to dirt lot. Track -14.4km

Pacifica Site - behind shopping center, on access rd to beach/San Pedro Creek. Track -10km

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve - Hwy 1 to "El Gran Taqueria" at Virginia St. Left down Virginia st to end at Lake St, turn right and look for parking lot on your right, and my purple RAV4. I'll probably be at the tidepools just below.

At Waddell Creek, at the end of my short run on the beach, I photographed gulls in the rushing creek entering the ocean, including this one caught in flight at the right moment, and rendered in water color filter after desaturation.

At Fitzgerald Marine Reserve later, at Moss Beach at sunset

Two young girls in silhouette against the tidepools lit by the setting sun.

I set up at the entrance to Montara Hostel, where faulty memory of how successfully put together the optical train for the Aldebaren Graze had me fumbling with the wrong setup here, and an unforgiving time crunch here in twilight. Got no data - bummer!

After the occultation, I took the time to figure out the right optical set up. It turned out to be exactly the same as I've always used with the 10" Meade! I didn't need the 1.25" diagonal after all, nor the 2" diagonal and adapter. Just 'straight through', and now with the longer nosepiece (which I did NOT have with me for Aldebaren) so it could lock down with the lockscrew. The FOV on the chip was almost exactly what I had expected given the 8" vs 10" focal length difference.

I logged this info, packed up, and drove a half mile back south to the El Gran Amigo taqueria to join Austin Riba and Andrea for dinner and catch up on his great work at Las Cumbres Observatory, and Andrea's work too, in Santa Barbara where they now both live. A nice get together! Always great to see your former students making a big success of their young career.