JP suggested the astro club get together for a night of big scopes and enjoying the wilds of inland Central California over Memorial Day weekend. The moon would be a skinny evening crescent and the night would be dark and perfect for astrophotography. Sounded great! Of course I wanted to also run the trails out to Laguna Falls once again, and test my hip progression. Anne was game as well, and both Anne and I looked forward to cooking a tasty breakfast for all. I was decided Friday night would be our big night. The moon would be a razor thin cresent setting in twilight. And, Anne and I both felt the need to get back home late Saturday. Chris, JP, and Kirk would stay a second night. Once we were out there and the city left behind, it was tempting to stay a second night, but then, I looked forward too to a swim 'round the wharf with my swim friends, and to getting needed work done as well. Anne had to get back to babysit her dogs and cat, who had no caretaker this time.

Weather was iffy at first, as a low pressure area swept down over us that day. But skies promised to clear at 11pm and that was good enough as my main plans were to photo the summer Milky Way which would not be well placed till then anyway.