The Occultation of a 12.8 Star by (76) Freia

Sat Eve July 22, 2017

The asteroid occultation passes, nominally, just south of Mono Hot Springs but there's a not unreasonable chance the path will include our camp, as we're inside the 1-sigma limit. Event time is 11:04:37pm from Mono Hot Springs, for up to 13 seconds. There's a note that the magnitude may be fainter than 13, meaning, it may not be there! I don't see the star on UCAC4 plot. The asteroid may be all we see, and the Asteroid is V=13.8

The Preston page

Prediction sheet

The eyepiece chart for the 32mm Orion eyepiece with 2" diagonal (left-right reversed)

The Watec 910hx FOV on the LCD screen of the ZR45mc videocam