The Occultation of a 14.9 star by Nerthus

Aug 31/Sept 1, 2017

This is a very tough event! the 13.9 combined image will drop to 14.5 for up to 9 seconds. And, while the altitude is good, the 76% moon is only 13 degrees away so not the pitch dark skies we had at Mono Hot Springs for comparing what kind of magnitude I can reach at 1/2 sec integrations on my 8" w/ Watec 910hx.


Before the Nerthus event is a low probability but bright occultation by NEO Florence

Looks like Aptos is ideal, Me and Derek have good locations at least as far as the odds go. 10:52:03 is predicted occultation, local daylight time, for up to 9 seconds

Map and coordinate summary

8" LX200 with 2" eyepiece diagonal and Q eyepiece view. That's open cluster M11 on the left. Alt/Az scope and coord grid so horizontal orientation flipped to agree with view by eye.

Here's the view on the LCD screen of the Watec 910hx. Straight through, so no horizontal flip. That's M11 on the extreme right. There's a 14.86 mag star on the blue cross, very close but not at the formal coordinates. Same as target? Don't know. figure that out later.