IOTA Annual Meeting - Western Nevada College, Carson City, NV

Sept 9-10, 2017


Here's the IOTA meeting page and schedule of speakers.

Directions: If going directly, 5hr 0 min via Stockton, Markleville, 258 miles . If doing the Granite-Man swim on Friday first (since no meeting on Friday), 5hr 59min 270 mi to June Lake , and then after the race, it's 2hr 22min and 123 mi to Western NV college in Carson City. Then, Saturday night, it's 110 mi and 2hr 7min to Lee Vining from Western NV College, a little more for wherever you end up for the Ninina Occultation.

GraniteMan 2.4 mi swim: $32.94 before Sept 6, $43 race day.
GraniteMan 12.4 mi Tioga Run $60 before Sept 6 . Must provide own transportation back to Lee Vining - drive mtn bike to Tioga Pass and lock it up, then ride it down after the race.

Campsite road NF039 SW of Carson City limits



Ninina Occultation above Beta Librae

Preston link 8:48:29pm for 3.2 seconds

Qview eyepiece view through 8" LX200 ~20min prior

Watec 910hx view on LCD screen of ZR45mc

My chosen Ninina Site, up a bit on this dirt road off Hwy 50 just past Silver Springs, NV. 39 miles from Carson City center along Hwy 50. Long 119 09.45' at intersection.

Aerial view GE of my site. Try for the dirt road intersection shown. Track is 68.1 km, odds are 71% for a hit 3:48:30 predicted central occultation here.


Hwy 95 south from Silver Spring to just west of Yerington, where it changes name to NV 339 continue south to merge with NV 208

NV 208 south and then west to the town of Smith, then NV 338 south to CA border and Hwy 182 to Bridgeport, then to June Lake loop

Race runners start 8am in Lee Vining