The Occultation by Quaoar

July 7, 2018

This will no doubt be a big event for 2018, as Quaoar is one of the largest KBO's and we will want to know much about it. RECON is likely to be out in force. So, it's on a weekend, a Saturday evening, and this looks like a perfect time to schedule my summer Astro 25 course, centered around this event. We could get JP along to watch visually in case my video fails, and Kirk B as well.

So for planning, I am wanting to know if I can even GET this event. The target star is magnitude 14.6. On the night of the Leukothea occultation Dec 17, 2017 I got data from Cabrillo Observatory under near perfect conditions - no moon, clean skies, dry. Probably much like a good night in the Sierra where we'll be. I put the Watec 910hx on maximum integration, which is 64x or 32 frames or 1 second integration. The maximum event length is predicted to be about 39 seconds, so this should be good.

Preston prediction page

Rank 31, 30% moon 129 degrees away so not a problem.

Test Frames

This field is at 23 degrees altitude in the south. I did a simple screen capture of the LiMovie view of this frame, and then stretched it in Photoshop. However, each of the stars labelled is seen on the original in LiMovie.