The Mar 3, 2005 Antares Occultation

Antares is probably the most beautiful star that can be occulted by the moon. I hoped to videorecord the event. I did some figuring and realized the event, though low, would be visible from the driveway below my apartment. It was around 3 am, so I had to be quiet in setting up. Unfortunately, I had little luck with the weather - thick cirrus covered the moon and I could not find the dark limb of the moon in the camcorder or PC164c attached to the 8" Meade. Still fumbling trying for the right combination and aiming, the occultation happened out of view. Moments later, the star was obvious, and I did snap a few pictures through the now thinning clouds in the following minutes. The best one from the Dimage 5 at maximum optical zoom, and clearly overexposed, is below. Antares will continue to be occulted for the next 2-3 years, so hopefully there will be better opportunities upcoming.