Bertholda Occultation

Oct 13/14, 2015

Star v=12.7, asteroid=14.7, drop 2.2 magnitudes, duration max 7.6 seconds, altitude=27 deg. Event details are here.


Time set to 7:30pm local, about when I should be getting the scope on it. Azimuthal mode. Not sure if the box will be vertical or horizontal so will do one for each. for this widefield, chip box set horizontal

Chip box vertical


chip box horizontal



Mercedes Occultation

Oct 13/14, 2015

This is at 10:06:05pm, right after Astro 8A ends. It's V=10.5, but also red; B-V=1.1, so that's good.
RA=23h 36m 27s Dec=+04 27' 56" Predicted even 05:06:05UT or 10:06:05pm