The Graze of Beta Tauri - September 14, 2006

Jay and Allen and I were game for this spectacular dark limb graze of 1.6 magnitude Beta Tauri, from the hills above Calaveras. Chris Kitting and Karl both had also expressed interest, but conflicts took them out of the picture. I drove Allen, and Jay drove himself, and we rendezvous'ed among the ranches above Calaveras Reservoir for the dawn graze. The event was a big success, and Jay got some good video footage as well. I took a few tripod shots right after the last "R". Afterward, Allen and I had breakfast down in Milpitas, and then stopped for a little high tech shopping at Fry's before heading home.

A snapshot with the Dimage A1, overmagnified and cropped here.

Grazers.... and Jay - a big smile of success!

Allen and Jay review the camcorder footage

A Bleary Hero Shot

Jay did a "stack/extract" on his camcorder footage to put together this image shortly after the graze ended.