Shahram and I joined forces - he set up the LXD75 mount and his 10" f/4 and I set up the Megrez APO and Meade DSI. This time, I had new drivers for the USB 2.0 PCMCIA card I'd bought before the trip a few days earlier. And... it all powered up without complaints this time! The software that Meade provides is not very intuitive nor does it have all the features you'd want, so figuring out what to do wasn't easy. Shahram had enough experience with his Meade LPI that he could help some. I did manage to get two pictures done, before calling it quits at 3am. Meanwhile Sharahm was having his own issues with the LXD75, which needs some mechanical and software tuning apparently.

M13, high in the sky. 25 stacked 15 second images.

The Lagoon Nebula, low in the southwest and in the city glow. 54 stacked 15 second exposures.











The DSI software defaults to saving the image as a .jpg. Then, when I opened it in Photoshop, it had only 8 bits of depth. However, when I looked at the image levels while it was being taken, there were 16 bits of depth. Where'd the rest go?? Also, although the spatial resolution is very poor, as revealed by the checkerboard'ing in the Lagoon elevated levels. Much poorer than the nominal chip resolution. I'll try saving as a .tif file next time and see what happens.