More Comet Lovejoy Photography, on Fremont Peak

Jan 23/24, 2015

This was the last night that we could see the comet at decent altitude after the moon set, and a good way to celebrate the end of the workweek. Ann, Merrit, Kirk and I came up Friday night, and stayed till Saturday (me and Kirk), or Sunday (Ann and Merrit). I wanted to test out using the ST4000xcm CCD camera with my camera lenses. I had an attachment setup for Olympus lenses (Zuiko), and brought 100mm and 28mm fixed focal length lenses. The 100mm lens produced a strong blue halo around the brighter stars. The lens focused at infinity when the lens read only about a meter, not infinity. Not sure but this might have been relevant. The 28mm lens did not have this same problem. However, the clean skies of the day turned to cirrus as night fell, and stayed cloudy until the comet was too low to image. I got a few hazy images, and the bright skies didn't help. Not a great result.

Here's some great pictures from Kirk's camera. Mine I'll post below... when I get time.