Mini Photo Trip to Bonny Doon

July 7, 2005

Shahram and I decided to take advantage of the last moonless night for a while and do some astrophotography from our favorite spot - Locatelli Meadow in Bonny Doon. My plan was to try again with the Meade DSI on the Megrez APO. After the Deep Impact adventure, it seemed it may need a faster USB, so I bought a PCMCIA card with a USB 2.0 port. I got it all set up with the Megrez on the GM8... and it turns out the USB card drivers are incompatible with WinXP SP2, so that killed that. My backup was to shoot film through the Megrez. Got some shots of the Whirlpool Galaxy and also some nebula regions in Sagittarius. Shahram used the 10" LXD75 for Toucam shots of the Whirlpool, in hopes of capturing the new supernova. Hopefully I'll get a copy to post here sometime.