The Klio Occultation - Sept 6/7, 2010

This event was at the tail end of a tough day - did a very mountainous bike ride in Big Sur with the Delucchi's, picked up the 10" scope on the way home from their place, took a shower at home and then drove up to Bonny Doon. Decided to observe from the Presbyterian Church to save some driving and sleep time on the back end. The occultation was at 9:40pm, with odds about 40% from the church. My Canon ZR45mc camcorder failed on its last attempts so I didn't even try to record it. Did it visual with WWV recording. It was foggy in Santa Cruz but the marine layer was clearly low and the church was well above, in beautiful clear, dark, calm conditions and good seeing. The target was easy to follow, with limiting magnitude at 12.5 and the target at 11.1, with a drop of 1.8 mags, just below visibility. The stars were steady with no scintillation visible. At 4:40:02.5 I saw a short blink and shouted "D!", but it lasted only 1/4 second, so was it a rare seeing blip, or real? I think it was real, but of course I can't be sure. Unfortunately, Walt Morgan at track 39S had a miss. I was at 69.4S, so if my event was real, it means the asteroid's northern limit shifted to 69.4S. Derek would've been the key, but he was sick and couldn't observe. On tape at the time, I gave it a probability of being real of 85-90%. However, both John Westfall and Walt Morgan had misses from closer to the centerline, so a large shift did indeed happen. Here's my excel report. And here's the sky plane profile for our observations.