The Graze of LO Aquarii - Nov 7/8, 2008

Post-Graze Results

Big success! The twilight did not interfere much with the video recordings for me or Chris Angelos, or Allen Ginzburg. Very mountainous profile was dead-on where predicted and produced a nice graze. All of us got good video-taped accurate timings: Allen had 2 events, I had 13 events, Chris Angelos had 8 events. Our timings are on a separate report page.

My station, next to a barn at the foot of Meadow lane, lit here with a security light on the barn roof

Chris Kitting's station, dutifully occupied by Chris even though he arrived 10 minutes too late to get the graze. We chatted about his recent NASA mission and I advised him on image processing ideas for his data on that mission.

Derek Breit's group in Morgan Hill also had a great success, and this will be one of the best observed grazes in California this year.

OCCULT 4 produced this plot of the timings for the Aptos team. Unlike the planning page profiles, this reduced profile has "sealevel" on the moon as a straight line and the star path will then be a section of an ellipse. I'm just a bit north of Chris Angelos. Chris is next, just getting a peek of the star in the valley at WA=165, which produced so many events for me. Allen was far enough into the moon to miss both valley bottoms and just get a D and R. The timings agree beautifully, Kiwi time inserters make guessing about reaction times a thing of the past!

Derek Breit produced this plot which includes all observers, including those in Morgan Hill. Morgan Hill observers were a little north of my location and got more multiple events in the WA=165 valley. Also note that the WA=159 mountain has a flat top ~parallel to the star track, and not the peak top shown in the Watts data.

Aptos Team:

Richard Nolthenius, Chris Angelos, Allen Ginzburg

Morgan Hill Team:

Derek Breit, Walt Morgan