The Graze of LO Aquarii - Nov 7/8, 2008: Planning Page

Post-Graze: Observations and timings

On Friday evening Nov 7, the irregular variable star LO Aquarii grazes the southern limb of the 69% waxing moon as seen from Aptos. The profile shows the graze happens on an nextremely rugged area near the south pole, with several mountains ~4 miles high, and promises a large range of multiple events. Derek Breit has a Google interactive map on his site, here.

The predictions listing the exact times of central graze for various longitudes, is here. In the general area of the Ferrells and the stations below, the central graze time is 5:41:15pm local time. That means the first disappearance should happen about 5:37:30pm or so and last about 6 minutes. On the profile: AG=Allen Gizburg, JM,KM = Jamie and Kelsey Ferrell, RN=Rick Nolthenius, DB=Derek Breit, WM=Walt Morgan, CK=Chris Kitting. The tracks shown aren't perfect to the last nanometer; they're the best I could do with the discrete line shift in the 'text' mode in Photoshop.


Station 1: 4.57 mi North. Allen Ginzburg will observe with a 10" LX200 from his driveway in the Aptos hills




Station 2: 2.40 mi North. Jamie and Kelsey Ferrell, at their home. In 7th and 5th grade, they're both amazing kids and I know they'll do a great job watching the graze visually and getting timings. I'll supply an 8" f/10 Meade, tape recorder, and shortwave radio. It'll be fun!







Station 3: 2.15 mi North. Rick Nolthenius. I'll be at the foot of the road, intersection with Day Valley Road.






Station 4: 1.2 mi North. Chris Kitting. My suggestion is that he set up at the dirt road intersection on Hames Road, across from the apple orchard, and a good spot for a quiet view of the graze.